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Collect street data at scale, with ParsecReel.


Meaningful Feedback Collection

In education we care about improving student outcomes.

But, how many opportunities do we offer students to give feedback on how we're doing?

An Incomplete Picture

Focus groups and feedback surveys have been a great starting point.

But, school systems are still receiving an incomplete picture of how their students are feeling and what they need.

What it is

Amplifying Student Voice

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A platform for student voice that...
Engages students with meaningful questions
Decreases response bias
Encourages honesty & transparency

Don't Use

Bringing Actionable Insights

School Insights.png

Measuring what we value through...
Compiling real student voices
Calling out patterns & themes
Identifying needs by student group

Street Data

Street Data

What is it?

Street data gives greater insights into the "why" of our students' performance results. It's a new perspective for educators that can revolutionize the way we interpret data. 


From Reel Voices to Real Change


Our students already take a feedback survey, why would we use ParsecReel?

The vast majority of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) surveys and feedback surveys are limited to quantitative responses. They use likert scales, multiple choice, or written/typed free response. This limits the amount and type of data you can measure. ParsecReel transforms qualitative data (like student voice) into quantitative data.

How do you ensure our students' data remains safe?

Your organization maintains ownership of all data. Rigorous cyber security measures are in place to ensure all data security protocols are maintained. 

How does this get implemented into my school sites?

The team at ParsecReel works directly with our educational partners to create an implementation plan. 

When can I get access to this?

The first version of ParsecReel is launching Fall 2023.

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